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• Aug 2, 2021 - 06:51

Im having a problem with playing back scores in Musescore Version 3.6.2.
It will only playback from where it last stopped playing.
If I press the button to go back to the start of a score, the chart visually goes back to the beginning but when I press the play button, it only starts playing from the bar that was last played.
Hope this makes sense.
This has only been a recent problem, I use Musescore every day and it has only been happening for the last few days.
Extremely frustrating.
Any ideas?


You wrote:
If I press the button to go back to the start of a score...

Which button are you pressing? I

The "Home" button on the computer keyboard will "visually go back to the beginning" of the score.
The "rewind to start position" button on the toolbar will start playback from the beginning of the score (or the beginning of a loop, if loop playback is toggled).

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Thanks for your feedback.
Im using the play controls as you’ve mentioned and as is outlined in the user guide.
I did check the User Guide before I wrote the post.
I actually have printed the User Guide and use it all the time.
So, I'll see if I can be more precise.

  • If I press the ’Rewind to start position’, visually the score goes back to the beginning of the score.

  • If I click in the first bar to start playback, as soon as I hit the play icon, visually the score fast forwards to the last bar of playback and plays from there.

  • If I start again (by pressing the rewind icon and then clicking on the play icon), it does the same.

-The only way I've been able to work around this is by closing Musescore and then re-opening the score I was working on.

  • It works for a while and then I start having the same problem all over again.

  • As I said this has only been happening over the past week or so.

  • Ive been using Musescore for probably 2 years roughly, so Im not new to the software.

  • The only other thing I can think of is to delete Musescore and then re-install, something id prefer not to do but im at my wits end in working what is happening and why!!


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Rewind used to only reset the playback cursor but left the score view and selection alone. But based on user feedback, this was changed at some point a while back, now Rewind resets the playback cursor, the score view, and the selection.

Anyhow, it's not clear what exactly you are clicking after hitting rewind - the whole point of the operation is to reset the playback cursor, so no additional clicking is required. Just start playback immediately after the rewind.

If you do click something after hitting rewind, though, playback should of course start from exactly the point you clicked. If you have a score where this isn't happening, it could be that the score is corrupt, so if you attach it here, we can investigate. But first, be sure you haven't enabled loop playback (the icon with the two arrows chasing each other around a circle, right next to the play button on the toolbar. With loop playback enabled, it will always start from whatever you have defined as the loop start point.

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thanks for your reply. After trying and ensuring I did everything that was suggested, I decided to delete MuseScore and re-install it.
I made sure I kept my templates and Soundfonts before I deleted.
Since re-installing, I haven't had any problem, so far anyway.
I did this as after trying the things suggested to me and the fact im not a new user, having done hundreds of times exactly what was being suggested or queried.
Let's hope it doesn't happen again.
Have a feeling that my problem could have been caused from one of the charts downloaded from MuseScore. I could be wrong but that is the only thing that makes sense, to me.

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Basically, I clicked on the first bar because just clicking the rewind button didn't work. So I was hoping that clicking on both the rewind button and the first bar that playback would start at the 1st bar.
Neither actions worked.
It was simply trying to get the chart to start from the beginning of the score.
Normally I wouldn't need to do this.

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Yes. You're dear right!!
However, that wasn't working. that's why I tried the other ways around the problem as Ive outlined in previous posts.
Nothing was working the way it should have.
As Ive said before, all of this started happening with no warning and for no apparent reason.
Thats why in the end I decided to delete and reinstalled MuseScore.
So far, so good. Everything is working as it should, at the moment.
Thanks for your reply, though.

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