Can't Open File - MuseScore Crashing

• Aug 1, 2020 - 22:00


I am having trouble opening a file in v3.5 Release Candidate. It was originally created in MuseScore 1 about six years ago. Other files that were created at exactly the same time and the same way open fine. It's just this one movement out of three that won't open, and when I try, MuseScore crashes.

I get the following error messages:

  1. Previous session quit unexpectedly.
    Restore Session?
    With yes or no option

Selecting either option has the same result:

  1. MuseScore quit unexpectedly

The file will open in MuseScore 2.

What can I do? Thank you.

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See if this opens. I opened it using an old AppImage (2.3.1), Exported as musicxml and then re-opened in 3.4.2. Some of the formatting will likely have been lost.

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Crashes in 3.5 too. According to the debugger, the issue has to do with a fermata on top of a measure repeat symbol. The implementation of both of those things changed some since MuseScore 2. Individually they import fine, but I guess the combination of the two is problematic.

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