Was immediately charged $40 for Musescore 7 day free trial

• Oct 24, 2021 - 02:16

So, I wanted to play some music on here, but I really only wanted to play one piece, so I went to start a free trial for 7 days. Upon starting the free trial after entering my PayPal information, I immediately received an email from PayPal saying that $39.99 had been charged from my account, which I did not in any way agree to. I sent an email to Musescore support and have so far received no response other than the useless auto generated response. I have submitted a dispute through PayPal as well, and so far no response on that either. I immediately cancelled the subscription, and did not use it for anything, so I have not used any subscription benefits. I would like to see a refund as soon as possible, as I did not use the service, and was led to believe that I was receiving a free trial, and not a paid annual subscription. If this could be resolved soon, that would be great, and if anyone on here has any insight as to why this may have happened, that would be welcome as well.



By the way, I know 95% of the replies in here are going to be saying "oh go complain to musescore.com for payment issues" but when I click forum support on the musescore.com website, it immediately redirects me to musescore.com forums, so if you are going to say that, I suggest you don't waste your time.

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I've been to musescore.com many times, and I know there is a "Contact us" link in the footer of every page that gives you an explicit way to contact their support team, also an "Improving musescore.com" that is useful for general bug reports but isn't so relevant when asking for help changing your mind about which type of account you want to create.

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