beam across a bar line

• Apr 6, 2013 - 11:47

Is there any way to beam notes across a bar line? This is pretty common in Beethoven and many others to indicate that the main beat has been shifted.


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It works, er... sort of. I am using the 1.3 version and I can't start a beam on the last note of a measure. it seems that Musescore will not group two and only two notes on different sides of a bar line. Threes work fine. Am I missing something?

Actually, it works fine as long as there is a rest before the note to beam across the bar line. But try this:
In 2/4 time make more than 1 measures worth of 16th notes, make the first one to be by itself, then beam the others in groups of two. Clicking the beam start on the last 16th of a measure makes that note have flags, clicking continue beam beams it to the note before AND the note after the bar line. There seems to be no way to get the correct effect.

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Have you seen what happens when this situation occurs at the end of a system? I tried it and the stem of the note was extended all the way down to the level of the note on the next system and the beam went backwards to the other note all the way across the page. I would expect the beams to behave similarly to slurs.

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I tried on 2.0 and it only half works - it looms right going out of the first system, hut there is no beam at all co i g in to the second system. You might try installing a nightly build, verifying, and submitting an official bug report in the issue tracker.

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In general it should work, except if the measures are on different systems (i.e., last measure measure of one system, first measure of the next). In all other cases, simply select the first note of the second measure, then the beam middle icon. If you've done this and it's not working, please attach your score and tell us which measure to look at so we can understand and assist better.

Two eighth notes, one on each side of a barline in the bottom staff of a piano part. Worked like a charm in version 1.3. Yes there is a rest before the first eighth note, and this is in voice 2, where voice 1 is a held note tied across the barline.

I was coming here for the reverse. Hoping to find a way to take eighth notes beamed across several bars and make them look more like standard notation.

I didn't see what I needed here, so I just did it manually.

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This is a very old thread dealing with very old versions of Musescore. Here is the handbook article dealing with the adjustment of beaming and default beaming in the current version (4.1.1)

If that doesn't help I recommend you start a new thread, explaining in more detail what your starting and desired endpoints are It usually helps if you attach the score you are having difficulty with (the .mscz file) and also state which version of Musescore you are using.

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