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• May 26, 2022 - 20:08

In musescore 3.6 I click on system text. when I'm typing for example (7th position} when I type that in it doesn't recognize the space bar I cannot space it before the next word I hope there's got to be a solution. I have a mac mini computer brand new


Can you attach your score? And when you say system text, ou you mean, on the Text palette? Are you then double-clicking the word "system text" in your score? Normally you should be able type spaces like any other characters.

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I just went back to try some stuff. in the tool menu bar I click Add scroll down to text I click on system text a box appears above the note. I start typing 7th and hit the space bar but did not move I was able to type 7th...Position. It just started doing this and I can't find where to fix it. I'm thinking I might of screwed up something when I was learning how to customize my own shortcuts, space bar does work every where else.

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Aha, that makes sense. I'm betting you assigned Space to be the command to do something else. You'll need to figure out which command you assigned Space to and reset that shortcut back to its default. If you can't remember which, try assigning Space to be the shortcut for some other command that is normally active while editing text, like "Bold face". MuseScore will complain and tell you which command it's already assigned to. Then you can go to that command and hit the reset to default button for it.

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my thinking to the only thing with that is when I go to the shortcut and click on define It always lets me know that it is conflicted with something else I'm gonna work on it some more. It does take a little bit to get use to mac after being on windows for so many years thanks for your help and quick response

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FWIW, the only macOS/Windows differences are the exact same ones you'll see in every single program, not just MuseScore - shortcuts that use Ctrl on Windows use Cmd on macOS, and Alt becomes Options. That's really about it. So instead of trying to redefine shortcuts in every single program - and then possibly causing problems if you get something wrong - I'd recommend just making that adjustment. I say that despite knowing full well I'd have a hard time with it too :-)

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MuseScore does knows that some commands should be active during text edit mode and others shouldn't. But it's about the command, not the shortcut assigned to it. So, MuseScore knows that bold face needs to be active during text edit mode, but playback doesn't. That is what allows the same shortcut to have different effects in different modes. Space, for example, moves from lyric to lyric in lyrics edit mode, but handles playback in normal mode. Ctrl+B appends a measure in normal mode, but triggers bold face in text edit mode. "A" enters a note in note input mode but just enters text in text edit mode. And so on.

This all works very well normally. The problem is only if you then take that capability and shoot yourself in the foot with it, by taking a command needs to be active in text edit mode (like bold face) and try to assign it a keystroke that you probably also want to be able to type normally. It's possible MuseScore could second-guess you there and tell you that you don't really want to do this, but in general, we try to let users do what they say they want to do.

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