[solved] "mp" is too loud, "p" is too soft, what to do?

• Aug 2, 2022 - 19:40

Let's say I have a score, in which for only one particular instrument, on one particular stave and only in some particular measures, I find it to be too loud in "mp" dynamics, yet too soft in "p", so I want to set up my own dynamics for that range on that stave. How do I do it? I've checked the How to use Single Note Dynamics (SND) page (https://musescore.org/en/node/290616), but there is this "Set as Default" button there, which I am afraid to click on as this may spoil the whole score, or, perhaps, even all the scores when they are to be played back.


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If you're going to use it on your own computer and just for yourself (playing, listening), do whatever you want.
You can tune it down to the tiniest detail of each note.

But if what you wrote (engrave) will be performed by (human) instrument players (if you think or plan it to be):
Ignore such tiny details.
Write it in the most basic way possible: and leave the rest to the player. // Also consider: Most of the time, even "p", "mf", "f" dynamics can suffice.

Think of it this way: Another soundfont may have very different sound balances.
and someone else's speakers are louder in the mids, while the other's basses and the another's treble frequencies are high. And instruments at this frequency can be heard louder. For this reason: ignore such small details (even if it bothers you).

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@Ziya Mete Demircan: "If you're going to use it on your own..."
- I see. thank you for this input. Then, I guess, it is better to keep dynamics on the paper as simple as possible, but, for the sake of playing it on your own computer or elsewhere for yourself, just take care of all those nuances "in an invisible way", that is, by using Inspector or Piano Roll Editor, right?

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