How do I fix this sheet music design?

• Sep 21, 2022 - 12:01

I was casually making stuff on Musecore but for some reason when I added dynamics to some strings the whole staff became large. Its very annoying to me, how can I fix this?

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It's not clear exactly what you are wanting to see instead here. Right now the staves are nicely stretched out to fill the page, thus avoiding unprofessional-looking empty spaces at the bottom of each page. You can see that problem on the last page, but only because it's completely empty - it will fix itself as you enter music. So unless you needed that space to write in handwritten notes later, this seems correct to me.

If you do need the extra empty space at the bottom of the page for whatever reason, the best way to make that happen consistently (to avoid an even more unprofessional-looking ragged margin) would be to increase the bottom margin of the page, in Format / Page Settings. You might increase the top margin too, to create a more balanced look. Or consider a smaller staff size that will allow two systems per page, which is more likely how most editors would choose to present it.

My initial guess would be that you used to have more systems on that page. But due to adding those dynamics, the minimal vertical size of that system no longer allowed for the next system to also be on the same page (or for this system to fit in with the one before). As a result that system now lives on a new page.
And being a (now) single system on the page, MuseScore tries to distribute the remaining free page size in it according to your style settings.

Go to Style/Page and decrease the "Max. Stave distance".
If this value is set above 0, space between staves will be added,
so that the system fills the page.
You might want to increase the "Min. stave distance" in return...

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