Turn off chord playback in MS4

• Nov 14, 2022 - 14:43

OK - I'm trying to test out MS4, so I downloaded the latest nightly build. I now have a test folder ready to go.
I still can't find the MuseHub which I might need in order to download the MuseSound plugins.

More immediately - how do I turn off chord symbols playback?

In MS3 this was globally turned off in the Format->Styles page, but I can't see anything similar here.


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Thanks for this - it does work - but seems to reset when playback finishes.

Also, I thought I would like the new way playback works - allowing single or multiple staves to be selected for playback - but so far I've found it to be a lot more trouble than it's probably worth.

Having some features embeded within a score can be helpful - even if at times somewhat arcane.

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Not sure what you mean about resetting - the chord symbol playback setting should persist and does for me. If you continue to have trouble, please attach your score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem so it can be investigated.

Regarding playback of selected staves - I have to say, I've been trying to get used to it for months now. It's extremely nice when I want it, but also extremely annoying when I don't. I'm still hopefully that eventually there will be enough feedback on this that design improvements are considered for a future update.

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I am used to playing selected staves from using other software. What MU4 is missing is a CTRL + Select function. As it is now, things work if I want to hear the string section. But if I want to hear just the trumpets and cellos, that has to be done in the mixer. What I'd like to see is select the measure in the trumpet part. CTRL + Select the same measure in the cello part. Those two parts playback from the selected measure.

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I thought at first that being able to hear just one part by selecting one bar for that instrument, or indeed several bars for different instruments, would be a great idea.

However, often I simply want to play a piece from a selected bar - not just one part. Also, I don't want to hear the piece from the start, but from the selected bar. Often that doesn't seem to happen with MS4.

However, that wasn't the original point of this query - if this is worth following up it should be in another thread - or maybe there is one already, but I've not found it yet.

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To be clear - this is still possible, you just need to select a note - or anything other single element - instead of a whole measure.

This is how the design is intended to work, and I think there is little chance of it changing before release, unless a very large percentage of the beta testers complain, and so far that hasn't happened. But feel free to start a new thread to discuss this. My own personal recommendation has been, allow single measure / single staff measure selection to still play the whole piece, but allow any other range - more than a measure, or multiple staves - to work as currently. There are other proposals out there too.

The setting in the playback toolbar is one way; the other is to mute the channel in the mixer. There is a known issue where the default playback is way too loud, this should be fixed by release. Meanwhile, you can simply lower the volume in the mixer.

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Here is the best way I've gotten it to work. The problem is the delay that occurs anytime you select anything.
1. Want the piece to playback at a particular place? Select a note where you want playback to start. Wait to hear the note selected. Give it two counts or so. Then hit play. If you hit play too soon, the cursor might jump to the start of the piece.
2. Want to hear just the trumpet part at a particular place in the score? Select the measure, not a note. Wait for the delayed selection sound and a count or two then hit play.
3. Want to hear the string section at a particular measure? Select the 1st violin measure and then SHITF Select the same contra bass measue, and wait for the delayed selection sound. Then hit play after a second or two. This is standard (without the delay) with other notation software.

As yet, you can't CTRL select things not next to each other. But I'm sure it is coming. I hope along with losing the delay.

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Hmm, you shouldn't be experiencing any particular delay - might be something very specific to your hardware. Have you reported this on GitHub yet?

Also, Ctrl+select works just as in MuseScore 3 for selecting non-adjacent elements. But if you mean, selecting measures that aren't adjacent. that's never been supported, and really would require some pretty major changes to the internal architecture of how selections work. Right now, range selections are just plain rectangles - MsueScore records info about the staff and time position for the start, and the staff and time position for the end, and that's it. What you are proposing is an entirely different type of selection, and with it would need to come a whole new set of behaviors for standard commands like Shift+Right etc. So I wouldn't be expecting to see a new feature like that any time soon.

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What I'm talking about is this.
Measure 13. I just want to hear the flute, trumpet and first violin. They are not next to each other in the score. Other software will allow me to select the flute measure 13. Then CTRL/select the trumpet measure 13. Then CTRL select the first violin measure 13. Hit play and hear those three parts starting at measure 13.
And even in the latest nightly there is 1 to 2 second delay when I choose anything. I think it's already been reported. I notice that MU4 uses much more resources than 3.6.

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Right, you're talking about a brand new type of selection, where you can have a range (happens to be exactly one measure) on one staff, another range on another staff, etc. As I said, that's a pretty significant architectural change, because right now range selections are by definition contiguous. So, no not likely to happen soon -it would be a very significant design and implementation job. But of course, the Mixer is the simple way to solo staves that are not adjacent. Some day I could also imagine the Instruments panel having a control for this, like it does for visibility.

As for the long delay you are describing - again, definitely not normal, I've never seen any other reports of this. So best to report it on GitHub and include system details so developers can investigate what is causing this to happen on your system specifically.

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