Some questions about hairpins

• Jul 28, 2015 - 10:28

I have a few questions about the attached score:

1. There is an audible crescendo over the hairpin but no indication in the score of what is causing it – is it in the underlying MIDI data? What is the best way of removing all imported MIDI velocity changes so that the score is "clean"?

About the Hairpin Inspector:

2. What is the "line visible" option for? (there is already a visibility option above).

3. What does velocity change do?

4. What does the circled tip indicate?

5. Are dotted/dashed hairpins ever used?

Just one other thing. MuseScore has added pedal marks, but different from those found in the lines palette. Do the markings shown play back correctly?

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ad 1: if there are dynamics before and after a hairpin, the notes affected by the hairpin are losing/gaining velocity in increments, there's no indication about that in the note's velocity setting.
If you don't want that, don't add hairpins, or don't use dynamics (and don't use velocity change either, see below)
ad 2: I guess it just inherits that setting from being a line item
ad 3: In absence if dynamics before and after a hairpin you can set hairpins to lose or gain velocity by that setting
ad 5: see 2

I don't understand your first question. The whole point of a hairpin is to make notes get louder; that *is* the indication in the score that is causing it. I guess maybe you are wondering how MuseScore chose how loud to get? Normally it looks at the next dynamic specified. Since there isn't one, I guess it takes the defult of mf. If you don't want to hear the playback, you could add another p and hide it, I guess. Or you could set the "Velocity change" in the Inspector to 1, which would be imperceptible (0 is what provide the automatic determination).

I also don't understand what you mean about "MuseScore had added pedal marks". It doens not add marks itself; you have to add them. Are you saying they appeared of their own accord? Or maybe you downlaoded this score from elsehwere, and meant to say that someone else added them? No, symbols palced this way to not play back. You have to add them from the Lines palette. The version of this symbol on the Lines palette is new for 2.0.2, so man scores uplaoded before then may have used the Symbols because people didn't know how to customize the regular Lines to get this effect.

To summarise(?):

(1) The hairpin looks for the next dynamic indication in the score and then uses this as the velocity endpoint. Then it increments or decrements the velocity over its range accordingly.

(2) If there is no subsequent dynamic then the the hairpin sets the endpoint to a default value (mf?).

(3) If the hairpin velocity change is set to "0" (auto?) then the hairpin obeys the rules above.

(4) If velocity change is set to greater than zero then the hairpin increments or decrements this amount over its range.

Feature suggestion: Replace "zero" in the velocity change field with "auto" to avoid confusion, and add an "off" (zero) option.

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Yes, this is basically correct. Feel free to submit an official feature request for the handling of 0 & off. There is now a "Play" property for ornaments and other markings, might as well be for hairpin too. Not sure how I feel about "Auto" in the velcoity change field; spin boxes are normally purely numeric.

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