Can't export audio with SFZ

• Mar 7, 2016 - 17:09

I've installed the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra SFZ. It sounds so much better than the default soundfont! There's just one problem: when I try to export an audio file, I just get a file filled with silence. I've tried both ogg and wav formats. This is with 2.0.2 on OS X.

Is this a known issue? Is there any way I can work around it?




In order to use a custom soundfont in exported audio for a given score, you need to use the Save to Score button in View / Synthesizer. Not sure if it works with SFZ, but anyhow, that's the first thing to try.

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Yes, I did that. I actually had to do a bit more. I then had to go to the mixer and select a sound for each instrument. Even though the mixer showed a sound as being selected for each instrument, nothing would be played. I had to click on each popup menu to select a sound, even if I was just reselecting what it already showed as being selected.

Once I did that, playing through the speaker worked fine. But when I use File>Export to save an audio file, I just get a file filled with silence.


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Where do I get the GM compatible version? I downloaded it from They only list one version there.

Here is a trivial score illustrating the problem: test.mscz It's just a single violin line playing a few notes. In the Mixer I've set the instrument for "Violin" to "Strings - Violin Solo", which is a SSO instrument. With that setting, playback works correctly, but exporting to any audio format produces silence. If I switch it to "Violin", which comes from the default Fluid soundfont, then export works correctly.


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