Zerberus exports silence instead of audio

• Mar 9, 2016 - 09:38
S4 - Minor

Please see this forum discussion for details...

I can confirm this behaviour, and I have uploaded the relevant files to this Google Drive Folder......

Files are...
1. PosGedact8SFZ.zip - the SFZ font loaded into Zerberus to do the test.
2. AudioExportTestSFZ.flac - audio export from MuseScore in FLAC format
3. AudioExportTestSFZ.wav - audio export from MuseScore in WAV format
4. AudioExportSFZ.mscz - the source score exported as audio.

If you need anything else post here!

My System: Windows 10 Pro version 1511 build 10586.122, MuseScore 2.0.2 rev f51dc11


Whoops. I have apparently been chasing my own tail.
It seems to work fine with the latest master under Ubuntu LTS, Qt 5.5, in fact.
I can even export ChurchOrganist's mscz.

Perhaps it's a Windows-only problem?

Just tried in 2.0.3 r02f543d

It works fine, although for some reason the right channel exported louder than the left.

So this must have been fixed at some point after 2.02 was released.

So I guess we can regard this as fixed guys :)

Perhaps one of you running Mac OSX could try with a nightly build just to be sure??

Just FYI, "Did you remember to use the "Save to Score" button before exporting?" was in response to a post from tobiatesan reporting that not only were SFZ sounds not being exported, but neither were any non-default SF2s. It was not a response to your original bug report.

Sorry, I was hoping not to add too much noise for something that was basically me not understanding how the thing is supposed to work.

Apparently, I got the opposite effect. Sorry about that.

Status (old) duplicate needs info

This obviously isn't a duplicate as it is a report of a problem in 2.0.2, as Jojo has just said.

It does seem to be fixed in 2.0.3 nightly builds, but please will someone check it works on OSX and then mark as fixed or not depending on the result.