Courtesy clef not showing up

• Sep 23, 2016 - 23:19

I see that in some places in my music the courtesy clef didn't appear at the end of the measure in the previous system. In some cases it's where it's supposed to be and in others it's just not there. I can't figure out how to add the courtesy clef.
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In order to do anything more than guess, we need you to attach your score and give orchids steps to reproduce the problem. Also say what version of MuseScore and what OS.

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Screen shots are someitmes nice, but in order to truly understand the problem, we need to see the actual score, not just a picture of it. It's possible the courtesy clef was disabled for that clef change via the Inspector, for instanc, but the picture wouldn't tell us that.

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Okay, I figured out the problem but don't know how to fix it. In two different pieces where I need the courtesy clef to show up is at a repeat sign. If I remove the repeat sign then the courtesy clef shows up. Problem is that I need both of them. How can I have both?

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I can reproduce this. Version 2.0.3, MacOS Yosemite.

1. Take a piano score.
2. Change the left hand clef to G clef somewhere in the middle.
3. Enter a line break at the same point.
- The courtesy clef appears.
4. enter a repeat barline at the same point.
- The courtesy clef disappears.

The same happens if the experiment is made with the right hand staff.

The reason is probably that the courtesy clef can not appear *before* the repeat sign, otherwise it would confuse people when they repeat as it only applies to the continuation. But I have seen courtesy clefs *after* the repeat sign: The repeat barline is moved to the left by about 5 mm and the courtesy clef is sitting on the staff lines sticking out at the end with no barline at the end of the line.

I even seem to remember that this was how it worked in Musescore 1.3. though I might be wrong about that (I uninstalled it when version 2 came along).

Edit: Had to edit because the spell checker insisted on "carline" rather than "barline". So much for AI.

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Come to think about this: The situation with courtesy clefs that coincide with repeat signs is more complicated than this: There are four possibilities:

1. No courtesy clef required.
2. Courtesy clef required for the continuation.
3. Courtesy clef required for the jump back to the repeat.
4. Courtesy clef required for both.

Maybe this is why there are no courtesy clefs at all.

Edit: With key signature changes the courtesy signature does appear at the end of the line after the repeat sign as I described in the post above. So maybe my memory of 1.3. refers to that. Still if key signatures can give courtesy signatures maybe clefs should too. After all they may be possibly even more complicated than the list above since more than two keys might be involved.

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Thank you azumbrunn.
In both instances I need the courtesy clef after the repeat sign as it is required for both jumping back to the repeat as well as for the continuation. My editor caught it. So what do I do? How can I extend the measure to include a courtesy clef past the repeat sign?

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This is not related to the "bug," but do you realize you have the baritone clef in stead of the bass clef?

Edit: I'm not sure that this is a bug. The courtesy clef is not shown because there is a repeat barline rather than a double or single barline. I don't have a reference for music notation to refer to, but I don't recall ever seeing a courtesy clef in front of a repeat barline before.

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I think the correct behavior would probably be to place the courtesy clef *after* the repeat barline. I checked in Gould, and I don't see that she covers this case specifically. But she does say a clef change that affects the music after the repeated section goes after the repeat sign - she just doesn't show this in conjunction with a line break so we don't get to see if she'd apply this rule to courtesy clefs as well.

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Correct, that seems to be a bug. Courtesy clefs don't appear on lines ending in repeat barlines. There doesn't seem to be an issue for this in the issue tracker -could you submit one (see Help / Report a Bug, from within MuseScore - or use the "Issue tracker" link in menu at right of this page).

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