Tuplets with more than 9 notes

• Mar 1, 2013 - 02:43

So I'm transposing a piece that's in 6/8 time and I'm trying to create a tuplet with 10 notes in it followed by 2 32nd notes, a 16th rest and then an 8th rest. I'm not sure how to put in the right information into the "other tuplet" option to achieve this and the handbook wasn't very thorough on the topic. Any suggestions?


Are the first 10 notes supposed to be sixteenths - that is, the same lengths as the 16th rest that follows, half as fast as the the 32nds, etc?

If so, then count the sixteenths: 10, plus 1 for the two 32nds, another for the rest, two more for the eighth rest. That's 14 notes you want to divide into. You don't say if you want this to fill the whole measure or just half of it, but assuming you want to fill the measure, a measure of 6/8 would normally have 12 sixteenths. That means you want 14 sixteenths in the space of 12. So, select dotted half as the duration, hit Notes->Tuplet->Other, and enter 14 & 12 into the boxes. Then switch to the sixteenths and start entering your notes.

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I need to fill a quarter note with a twelfth-tuplet of 32th notes. So far this is easy with Notes / Irregular groups / Other. However, what I really need is to use the shorthand notation for a two-note tremolo, which consists of two quarter notes with the tremolo symbol (three thick slanted lines) for each original quarter note, having the 12th-tuplet indicator above.
The most I accomplish is two dotted quarters (as opposed to plain quarters) with the tremolo symbol, but it doesn't play straight.
Any suggestion?

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I made this tremolo 12.png I suspect you want the second one. Enter 2 1/8th rests. One at a time select a rest and go to the menu Notes->tuplets->more... and set the ratio to 12/8 and set the bracket to nothing (it looks ugly with the bracket) and press ok. You can then select each rest and press a note key to assign a pitch.

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