[MusicXML import] metronome mark for swing contains several metronome-note crash

• Dec 12, 2017 - 16:02
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I know Musescore should open up XML files easily (which it still does), yet this one is a special case.

The reason being is because the XML file was exported from Finale v.25 in order for me to make a Musescore file version.

Yet I do know how and why Musescore corrupted this perfect XML file.

It may very likely have to do with the fact that the entire score is in a "Swing rhythm" (two eighth notes = a quarter note and then an eighth note).

If this is the case, not only take this as a bug report (if it even qualified for it), but also a feature request that Musescore can work with multiple rhythms, including Swing.

Not sure if I may have to make a workaround by making a Musecore-friendly XML file and then just add the necessary text to indicate that the score is in a Swing rhythm. Because I really want to release it ASAP, yet Musescore is giving me this issue.


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Status needs info active

Maybe. Also possible that the problem is due to MuseScore not yet supporting MusicXML 3.1.
Let's see what our MusicXML Guru Leon Vinken has to say on this ;-)

Title Musescore 2.1 corrupting perfect XML file while opening it [MusicXML import] metronome mark for swing contains several metronome-note crash
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The problem is indeed the marking for swing. It would import correctly without it.

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For now, I will go with Ziya's solution. This will still need to be addressed for future updates though.