Musescore stop working when notate pitch which lower than A0

• Mar 31, 2018 - 16:01

I recently transcribing more Bartok and I need to go down to Ab0 (extra lower note on Imperiel Bosendorfer?)
But I always got noti stopped working which is bad. The new update doesn't allow to do this?


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It happen with another score that I also working on. When I went down more than A0. it crash (or stopped working), and it didn't save any my progress... So I have to do it again.
Hope you understand. because I don't really understand your question. I'm little bad at English. :/

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What happens and how to reproduce, exact description and steps please.
Just taking the 1st note in bass clef and moving that down (to C-1, the lowest possible pitch in MuseScore and MIDI) using cursor keys doesn't crash nor hang.
Did you by chance double click a note and then move it down with cursor keys? That puts the note into edit mode and only moves the note visually, without change the pitch, press Esc to get out of that mode

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Piano score in C-Major, select a rest in bass clef, press N, A, ↓, Ctrl+↓, Ctrl+↓ and voila: an Ab0, another Ctrl+↓ and you even get an Ab-1
So these are steps to not reproduce the problem, but the right way to enter such a note. So again the question: how are you entering that Ab0?

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Glad the crash is identified now. But FWIW, you shouldn't ever lose (much) work after a crash. MuseScore automatically auto-saves every two minutes. After a crash, MuseScore should offer to recover your last sessions. Simply answer yes and you should find most of your intact. Best to then do a "save as" just in case.

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