SoundFont still not uploading

• Jun 6, 2018 - 05:27

Hello, fellow MuseScorers.

It seems that despite the new update and apparent fixes to uploading mixer settings, I still cannot upload any SoundFonts to Can someone please help? If you need to see any files, I can attach them. Thank you!



Uploading a soundfont isn't possible and never was.
You can however upload the score's audio, under 2 conditions:

  1. Using a non-default soundfont
  2. Being able to export to MP3 (which for 2.2 on Windows is given, on Mac you need an extra library)

If those conditions are met, on the Save online dialog there's a checkbox "Upload score audio".

There is #197716: Audio file will not upload though, which affects some users, but not others

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Here’s all the info:
-latest version of musescore
-Run on Windows 10
-Sonita Stmphony Orchestra Soundfont
-The score right now is about 33 pages and it utilizes maybe 40 instruments, but not all of them use the Sonita soundfont. Some of them use the GeneralUser soundfont.

If any more information is needed I can provide you with more.

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