Making First Endings, (de)crescendos, and Pedal markings more than one measure

• Jun 7, 2018 - 01:14

So this is just a support question. When I put a first or second ending in a score, it only allows me to use one measure for that marking. Even when I "stretch the line marking", it only locks onto the beginning and end of the measure for that one. A flimsy solution I have come up with is to write it multiple times, but that looks unprofessional and tedious. This happens with any line marking (crescendo, pedal, octaves). Is there a way to edit the marking so it affects multiple lines?

P.S. I know that this is only for when the score is played back


To apply anything in the lines palette click the start note and then shift+click the last note, then double click the line, volta, slur... to apply it.

If it is already applied, NEVER use ctrl+arrows to change the notes is spans, ALWAYS use shift+arrows, this will make it apply to the correct notes. Notice the red dotted line indicating the anchor point moves when you use shift+arrows.

If you want the end point moved to the left or right without changing notes spanned, you can use ctrl+arrows, or put the line in edit mode and dragging the end with the mouse to adjust its appearance, but never use these methods to make it cross a barline, always use shift+arrows to cross the barline, then ctrl+arrow to move the end point to the left, toward the start of the measures, if needed. Doing otherwise may lead to the line moving in unpredictable ways.

I need to be able EDIT the TEXT of the FIRST ending ( = above measure 7) to read : " 1. & 3." and LOOK like the TEXT for the ACTUAL ending #2 ( = above measure 18 ) in the attached pic.
In this instance, applying ending #1 to measures 7 to 17 is rather impractical .
How do I achieve mys stated goal?

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Then you're not using MuseScore. Not 1.x nor 2.x, as both have right-click on a Volta -> Volta properties. The development builds from the master branch has the setting in Inspector though, but is experimental only, so I hope you're not using that for any serious work

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Of course i'm using Musescore Jojo Schmitz. There is no right click. I confirm. Then my little friend, you don't know that i'm using a Mac. You don't know either that I found my answer elsewhere. And, for good measure, I'm so glad that you're not the only resource out there; my reason is simple: I find your communication style, excuse my french, rather UN-friendly. This being said, I have a suggestion for the next edition of the Manual. For whatever it's worth.

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It is true that we don't mention on that page that right-click on a mac might need to be ctrl-click instead. It is assumed that Mac users know how to use their system and are aware that right-click in general for all other systems (and for Mac users with a double-button mouse) does mean right-click for them and only a subset of users need to resort to gestures/ctrl-click.
Just like we don't mention any touch-gestures like pinch to zoom on the viewing and navigation page.

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