Headphone glitch?

• Oct 31, 2018 - 19:02
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P2 - Medium
S3 - Major

I've been using MuseScore for a few years now and I just switched to a MacBook Pro. I've had this probably a few times and I can't find a way around it other than just not using headphones or earbuds. When headphones are plugged in, sound still plays through the speakers, or not at all. I tried it with earbuds yesterday and it worked fine if I rebooted the program, but now it won't work at all. At first I thought it was a hardware problem with either my headphones or headphone port, but everything else works fine with audio input, just not MuseScore.


True, but the same does actually apply - MuseScore detects external audio devices better if they are present at startup. Otherwise it often works to select them manually via Edit / Preferences. Sometimes it does seem to work automatically, or so it seems. I gather Mac users experience this problem more often. There are a number of issues floating around about this, not sure if anyone has ever really gotten to the bottom of it.

Frequency Once Many

With Musescore 3, when I play a file, headphones relay sound and score progresses.
If I pull out the headphones during play, Musescore locks up, score does not progress.
Interestingly, Musescore 2 does not do this, M2 works fine. I can push in / pull out the headphones with no ill effect. i.e. score will always progress.

Without exception plugging or unplugging earphones does not get noiced by MuseScore 3.1 on my Mac (MacBook 2018 Mojave 10.4.5). The solution is always to press "Reset Audio and MIDI devices' in "I/O" preferences. It is intensely annoying, and a new bug in MS3.

I'm having this same issue .. I didn't have it on my windows PC but now I have bought a MacBook Pro 2019 and I'm facing this issue. I'm on the latest version of Musescore Even if I mute my computer Audio it still plays through the speakers! That's even worse.
It's a bit awkward when you're in a quiet office environment and want to bash out a quick descant and it keeps playing through the speakers.
Please fix this bug :(

I'm still having this problem. It's absolutely reproducible for me. If I don't have my headphones plugged in when I start MuseScore, I have to go to restart the audio devices, otherwise the sound plays through the Mac speakers. However, if I have the headphones plugged in when I start MuseScore, it plays through the headphones.