Move Staff Type Change to another palette (it is not text)

• Nov 14, 2018 - 00:15
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I've observed this before - staff type change is not text, it doesn't belong on the Text palette. It seems to share the most with Breaks & Spacers, but that's an awkwardly named palette as it is. What if we renamed that palette to Layout? Then I think staff type change would fit in nicely. I'm tempted t also suggest that frames could move in there as well.

BTW, let's not forget #276620: Staff type change difficult to add while we're at it.


+1 for renaming "Breaks & Spacers" to "Layout", adding frames and staff type change to it. Question is wat to with the remaining entry "Add single measure" "in "Frames & Measures". I think we can do away with it, Ins and the corresponding menu entry seems good enough for that?

Even if a keyboard has no dedicated Ins key (true not just for Mac), there function is usually still available, on my Surface for example it is Fn+Del. Another observation is that while there is the insert single measure command on the palette, there is no append, which I'm betting is by far the more common operation, or the commands to add multiple measures. Or delete measures. So people are already using the menu and/or shortcuts.

Bottom line, I doubt anyone would miss the insert measure command, but I also wouldn't be opposed to seeing a "measures" palette that has all of these measure commands on it. Although at that point we're stretching the definition of what the palette is for - does appending 20 measures to a score seem like something you should be able to do via a palette? Maybe only insert single measure makes sense. If we're set on keeping that, I think having it on the Layout palette is less problematic than having the staff type change element on the Text palette.

I agree that the insert measure palette entry is kind of weird. Before I knew how to insert measures in another way, I saw that and used it, but the keyboard shortcut is much more intuitive. I almost can't even remember that it exists. I don't think it would be a loss to remove it from the palettes. If we want to keep it, however, maybe we should put all single measure commands (insert, append and delete) there. Or maybe I am just delirious ;-)

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I'm upgrading this simply because for documentation purposes, we really don't want to make this change after release. Let's make a decision ASAP and either make the change or close this. My vote is new Layout palette, move Staff Type Chnge there, move everything on Breaks & Spacers and Frames & Measures there, consider losing the "Measures" element.

Priority P0 - Critical P1 - High

As discussed in the Telegram Chat, we are ready to live with continuous "small" changes of the UI/UX. So let's revise this again after the release.