Wind chimes use cabasa sound

• Jul 5, 2015 - 05:00
S5 - Suggestion

For some reason, when I try to use a Wind Chime it makes the sound of a Cabasa.

GIT commit: b25f81d


Yes, the instruments.xml file in MuseScore defines the "wind chime" instruments to all use the patch 64, a cabasa sound. Ideally, I think we should probably be using 84 (bell tree), at least for the metal wind chime insturment. Unfortunately, that sound is not part of the original General MIDI level 1 specification, so it won't be present in some soundfonts. I guess that's why we don't use it by default. Meanwhile, though, you can use the "Edit drumset" button on the drum input toolbar to assign that note yourself.

BTW, I removed your name from the "Assigned" field because that is meant to inicate the person who will *fix* a problem, not the person who *reported* it.

Please will someone set this instrument to the correct MIDI in the next release? Is there like a feature suggestion tracker for Musescore we can add to?

Also please how do I change the midi sound myself in the meantime? Usually I can do it from the mixer dropdown for the instrument but for this instrument it just says 'room' 'standard', etc, it doesn't have instrument names.

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Right click the staff and choose Edit drumset and set the proper midi number (if it even exists). See for channel assignments. I don't see a chime in the GM standard, so you will need to find a soundfont that does not adhere to the GM standard and use the appropriate sound from that font. So the answer is. this will probably never be fixed since it's not in the standard, but you can fix it on your system.