multi measure rests break in parts for unknown reason.

• Dec 19, 2018 - 05:52
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S3 - Major
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Why?? The multi measure is set to minimum 4 bars and the measures are empty... Idk why this is happening...

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Title Multi measure rest bug in cello part... System breaks, break multi measure rests
Reproducibility Always Once
Status fixed needs info
Type Graphical (UI) Functional

It seems that hard system breaks cause all of the parts to have multi measure
rest breaks.

Title System breaks, break multi measure rests multi measure rests break in parts for unknown reason.

The more I test, the more elusive this problems seems to be.

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When I delete the parts and make parts again, all of the parts have the short multi measure rests. I tried several things to make it stop, but none of my theories panned out. For anyone else testing the problem, I tried

changing the minimum measure for a multi-measure rest
changing the system breaks
changing the measure numbering

No system items forcing the breaks
No double bar lines
No key signatures (that I can see)

I haven't looked at the .mscx file, I'll leave that to someone who's more familiar with it.

If you turn mmrests off, you see some odd barlines too. I feel we've seen this before - the rests in part breaking where line breaks are in the score, and the strange barlines. And I feel the was fixed already. But a search isn't turning up anything.

If this score was imported form 2.x using an older beta, I'd be kind of inclined to guess, it's a bug already fixed that will require reimporting

found the issue I was remembering: #278891: Adding system breaks in imported score causes system breaks to act like section breaks. There was no real specific fix for that issue, I just made a leap of faith that this was connected to other 2.x import issues that were fixed, because in this case I did have access to the original 2.3.2 score and verified no issue existed importing it anymore. So, again, if this was a 2.x score and you still have access to it, try re-importing. If it works better, let's consider this issue closed as well. If not, please attach the score and we can set the status to "active" if we can reproduce. Otherwise, we'll leave it here as "needs info" until someone comes up with a reliable way to reproduce from scratch or by importing a score created in a released version.