Is the Pickup measure included in the beat count?

• Mar 13, 2019 - 00:07

The the thing is, re: the sample image, MS won't allow me to add any more notes to the measure, because what it does, is it goes and add's a tie, (not shown) , not what I want, and adds it to the next measure. but it won't make a mirror image, so to speak, of the two images I posted.

If you have any questions, post away.

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Spitting a measure is not anything you should be doing to create pickups. This would create two partial measures and you only want one. That's exactly the problem you had originally - you di split the measure (presumably using Tools / Measure, or maybe by dragging a barline) and you shouldn't have. To create a pickup measure,. forget that splitting a measure is a thing. Instead, simply delete the beats you don't want, by selecting them and pressing Ctrl+Delete. Or, go to Measure Properties and reduce the actual duration there, where you can also control whether it is included in the measure numbering.

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Well, I created a whole new layout. As it turns out, the images I posted seem to be an improvement over the progress I can make now.

Now, having excluded the first notes in the treble and base clef, it still won't let me add four beats / chords per measure/clef.

It got so bad, I was only able to add "F" (2nd inversion, I think,( but don't take my word for it :) ) i.e. the first cord in the Treble Clef, after the 1/4 rest. Then it will only allow me to put the next note in the beginning of the 2nd measure, which by default has a full rest.

I think it's a fabulous learning aid for novices like myself, but it drives a hard bargain, or in other words, a steep learning curve.,

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