double bar lines (or lack thereof) & doubling of time signatures

• Mar 24, 2019 - 19:36

Hi all
I have just added a baritone sax to my partly finished score. I had already put double bar lines between time sig. changes. Oddly, as the baritone part was added, Musescore has not added the double bar lines for the baritone.
Separately, it is putting in double time signatures again, (eg 4/4 4/4) which is very annoying as my band keep asking me why "I" do it. Is this a known bug that might get fixed?

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Indeed, there have known cases where where has happened, and while we've fixed a few bugs relating to this, it seems it still does happen on rare occasions. We'd love to fix any remaining bugs that lead to this, but in order to do so, what we really need are steps to reproduce the problem.

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Hi Marc, thanks for replying.
As far as I am aware, I didn't do anything differently. If memory serves;
1) I added in a new bar, changed its properties to 2/4 and then dragged a 2/4 time sig.
2) In the next 4/4 bar I added in the 4/4 time sig..

I am enjoying your coffee cafe videos btw. There's always some light bulb moment where I think, "damn, why didn't I think of that!"

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Thanks for the comments!

Just to be clear, though - you aren't doing those steps always produce the problem for you, correct? Because they don't for me. So it's probably something abput the previous steps - whether you have previously generated parts, toggled continuous view or multimeasure rests, toggle generation of courtesy time signatures, added and deleted section breaks, or something else relevant.

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