Unable to highlight bass clef on a grand staff score

• Apr 3, 2019 - 22:44

A student of mine created a piano score in MuseScore 3 a few days ago. She is now not able to highlight or edit anything in the bass clef. Treble clef is ok. She emailed it to me and I had the same problem.


Can you post the score, please? ???

The forum genius will understand your problem better, if you post the problematic score, here.

Here's a wild guess while we wait for the score: maybe all the notes are actually on the top staff but were moved to appear on the bottom via cross-staff notation?

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You know how to make a mess. I can't figure out what you did or how to fix it. I tried adding another staff to the piano (above the existing bass clef) and couldn't select it. I tried adding another piano then a cell and couldn't select any of them. I rearranged the staves and could always only select the first staff.

What I did manage to do was select the bass clef staff. I clicked the first note in the treble and pressed alt+down to select the first note in the bass clef. I then used ctrl+shift+end to select the entire clef.


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Took me a minute too, but I figured it out - it's a bug I remember being mentioned reported once before, involving the new "Single Page" view, where things go haywire if there is only one system. Solution: switch back to the default page view. Single page view wasn't buying you anything anyhow - it's meaningful only for scores of multiple systems.

I don't see an actual open issue for this. Feel free to submit one.

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