Three adjacent notes are sounding twice for every one time the are struck

• Apr 16, 2019 - 20:26

The middle C#, C and the B just below them give two quick note sounds when struck. This is true whether they are in a piece or clicked on with the mouse. The repetitions are about as quick as 1/8 notes. If it is a quarter note, though, there is one quick (1/8) note sound, then the note sounds again to fill the rest of its duration: So, it makes a quick note and a longer note. If the written note looks like middle C (or the other two), but the treble clef has the "8" over it, it does not do this. But if I drag that C down an octave, it does it. This has been only with the violin. I checked two other instruments and it did not do it. They were viola and flute. I checked four other pieces and it did it in all of them (they were all violin) and changed a fifth from recorder to violin and then it did it, too. BUT, when I wrote up a new test piece in violin, it didn't do it.


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You don't get two notes sounding when you click and hold on any middle C, C# or the lower B bigger that is an eighth note or larger? On eighth notes, each becomes two sixteenths. On larger notes, I get a sort of "ta-dahhh" effect, the equivalent of (on a quarter note) a sixteenth plus a dotted eighth.

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I always get steady notes, so that leads me to believe we have different things happening. You are Sooooooooo good at finding weird problems. The number one reason for us getting different results is probably related to you using 2.0.3 while I have 2.3.2 (the last 2.x version). You really should upgrade, at least to 2.1, preferably to 2.3.2. When 3.1 gets released in a few weeks it looks like that will be a good update. I'm finally impressed with 3.1, while I was quite PO'd about the performance of previous 3.x releases and refused to use them on a daily basis. What I wrote in i still applicable though.

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No, thanks. I already have the exe. file for 2.1 in my computer (dial-up) and wrenching another file from the Internet is about as much fun as wrestling alligators, so I want to stick with 2.1 as it is also the one closest to 2.0 so there will be a minimum of changes I have to deal with. I know a lot of people like upgrades and enjoy exploring them for new features and such but I tend more toward feeling like I just want the thing to do the job it was doing and I don't want to jump through hoops and over hurdles figuring out a lot of new ways to do the old job. So, I just am wondering how to do this upgrade: Do I put it into the MuseScore file, lay it on top of it and all my scores are still in there, or is it a separate installation, a new program, so to speak, where I will need to copy my scores and enter them into 2.1 and then... I dunno, delete 2.0?

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You can only run one MuseScore 2 version at a time and usually installing a later MuseScore would replace the older. All MuseScore 2 version open all MuseScore 2 files just fine, there shouldn't be any issues (maybe some small ones).
Upgrading to 2.3.2 is not about new features (but yes, there are some, like buitin MP3 export), but is about about less bugs.
So just download it, install it, take the defaults, so it'll replace the previous version. It'll keep all your settings and will still find all your scores and open them just fine.
It is just when you come up with some issue, quite often the answer will be: "fixed in 2.3.2".
And please, when opening an issue or thread, mention which version you are using.

Installing MuseScore 3 is a different story though, there a larger differences and a learning curve and compatibility issues (but still worth the effort IMHO)

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Installing a newer V2 (and as Jojo said there is really no reason to prefer 2.1 over 2.3.2) will upgrade your software installation and you will be able to continue to work with your existing scores.
Nothing to delete, to convert, to move,...
Just install 2.3.2 by double click on the downloader msi file.
Upgrading to V3 is a different story.

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Actually, I mentioned that there are several reasons I prefer 2.1. the first is that I already have it in uninstalled form in my computer. The second is that I have dial-up and it is murder trying to download such a big thing as an executable file. It would probably take me days of failed tries to get it, if I could even get the dial-up to choke it down its virtual throat at all. The third is that I figure the closer the new one I install is in form to the one I currently have, the fewer new things I have to deal with. I just want to write music, I don't want to spend any more time learning new program info than I have to.

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I can buy in on your first 2 reasons (but better get a decent internet connection, or ask someone who has to download it for you, onto some USB thumb drive), but sure not the third, 2.3.2 is the best MuseScore 2 version you can get (but yes, MuseScore 3 is different, but bad, but different enough to cause grief with your MuseScore 2 scores)

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