Explode for parts, implode for score?

• Apr 24, 2019 - 08:34

I'm working on a piece for concert band. Is it possible to give the 3 trumpets their own printed parts, but combine them on one staff in the score? (Same Q for clarinets, etc.). Thanks in advance.


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Jojo, your answer is so helpful, you earn a happy face sticker today.
Now tell me how to do it.
If I implode the parts on the score, then generate parts, won't the parts be imploded also?

Here's my situation. To get separated trumpet parts, I had to explode them in the score, then generate parts. This made the score too cumbersome to print: 3 trumpet staves, 3 clarinet staves, 2 horn staves, 2 alto sax, etc. The conductor complained that to print the score on one page, everything had to be compressed too tiny to read. What do I do?

If it's simply a matter of re-imploding the parts in the score after I generated exploded parts, well and good. But it seems that forces me to re-explode them into separate staves again if I have to make changes to the parts later – a likely situation. It would be nice to avoid that extra work each time I need to make changes.

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Your initial question got answered ;-)

And your follow up question got answered too meanwhile...

I'm not sure though whether combining 3 instruments in one staff is a good idea, 2 would be OK, 3 and 4 are possible, but IMHO it gets too cluttered and confusing then

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If the three trumpets have similar rhythms it is not unusual to see three trumpets on one staff. I've almost never seen 3 clarinet parts on the same staff, except for sections where they either in unison or playing the same rhythm, which is less common for 3 clarinet parts that trumpets.

The bottom line is that if you have more than 2 instruments, they need to all have the same of at least similar rhythms so it will be easy to tell which instrument plays which note. Putting them all on one staff can become tedious because you need to make duplicate beams invisible in the score - which needs to be done properly.

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In version 3, it easy to combine instruments. Select the three staves and implode. The three instruments will be on the same staff in their own voices. Making parts from voices is also easy. As I said, after you create parts, you will want to make any extra beams stacked on top of each other invisible so it will look like chords rather than voices.

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