(MDL) Sticking input and arrow navigation

• Jun 26, 2019 - 21:41
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Whenever I'm trying to input stickings in rapidly using the right arrow/spacebar on an instrument that is not the snare voice the cursor almost always returns to the snare part on the next count.

1) Create MDL file, place notes in each voice
2) input snare stickings then input bass, tenor, and others using arrow keys or spacebar


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Severity S3 - Major S2 - Critical

Same problem happens on my score. It appears when a score is setup in the order of Snare, Tenor, Bass, Other or any combination of those with Snare being the first instrument, inputting sticking for a non-snare drum then attempting to input the next sticking marking will cause the input to jump back to the snare line.
I would say a workaround would be using Ctrl+L to input sticking as Lyrics yet dynamics interrupt the placement of the lyrics so this would cause some issues.
Severity changed to critical because this bug makes sticking notation for multiple drums impossible at the moment.

Severity S2 - Critical S3 - Major
Status active needs info
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If I understand correctly, workaround is to add stickings to a custom palette and add them that way, same way fingerings were always entered until just a few months ago when the space bar method was added.

That said, can you attach a specific score demonstrating the problem and precise steps to do so, to make it easier to understand and debug? I was not able to reproduce this.

Score was grabbed off a basic MDL template that included a snare drum and I moved the snare drum to the bottom line to test if the bug was just causing the input to jump to the top line. This was not apparent and in my testing I noticed the issue isn't particular to just snare drum but in fact works with any drum. The poster must've been working downwards on his score so because it was in score order, snare drum was the line being jumped to.
Measure 1) Shows the bug isn't an issue with the top line
Measure 2) Shows the bug isn't specific to just the snare drum
Measure 3) Shows the issue only occurs when there is sticking notated on a different drum on the next beat
Measure 4) Same as measure 3

To reproduce the bug:
1) Click on a note for any drum (except any with sticking notated) that is adjacent to a beat on a different drum with sticking notated.
2) Write in the sticking for that note
3) Press space bar/enter/arrow key to jump to the next note.
You will notice that the input will jump to the already notated line instead of going to the next note for that drum.

Notice that in the 4th measure that jumping to the next note after inputting sticking works correctly when there is no sticking notated on any other drums the next beat to jump to.
Yet as soon as there is sticking written in for other drums, trying to jump to that note will instead jump to that drum's sticking instead.

I think I've covered the foundation of this bug but more testing might prove a better workaround or other potential exceptions.

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Or maybe not? Sticking disappears when I re-open the file for some odd reason. I tried it on a different score and it deleted my sticking there too! That might be worth posting another bug report.
Anyways, you should still be able to reproduce the bug by inputting sticking on one drum, switching to a different drum and then inputting sticking a beat before the sticking on the other drum. You will notice how it switches to the line you first inputted.

Status needs info active
Priority P1 - High

The bug with the sticking not, well, sticking on save/reload is indeed already fixed, and luckily, the bug seems to have been on the load side, not the save side, so I was able to load your score into a current build just fine.

So I am now able to reproduce this issue. The key seems to be that there is already a sticking on the next note on another staff. I'm investigating. Alt+Rght (which is the shortcut for the command that is being used internally) actually works correctly, so I'm not sure why this isn't.

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