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I've run into a situation where I've read enough sheet music through the years that the notation I've written looks wrong, but I can't remember how this is typically done. I have a two-handed piano piece, where the right hand is holding a long note while the left hand is moving up and down, but I want the right-hand to hit the top note of the left-hand's motion. The right hand doesn't release the long note, it just hits that top note because the right hand thumb is already sitting on that note from the previous measure, and then the left hand doesn't have to jump around as much. My initial thought was to notate it with cross-staff notation: https://musescore.org/en/handbook/cross-staff-notation but that doesn't look right, and after reading that page a little closer, I realized that it's because that style of notation would be used to mean that the left hand should be playing it, which definitely clicks with why it looks wrong to me. I don't know what this pattern would be called, but it seems like the opposite of cross-staff notation, because cross-staff means to play the notes with the opposite hand that would typically be used for a note in that staff (i.e. notes written in the upper staff, but played with the left hand, or vice versa), where my situation is that the notes are written in the upper staff and played with the right hand, but I just want to show that they're connected to the motion in the left hand, not the melody in the right.

Here's an example measure:

Beat 2, the B and D in the upper staff. I've tried a couple of other things, like splitting the 4 16th's into individual notes, but that looks weird as well, because it breaks up the visual indication of the motion. It's been 5+ years since I've done any notation theory, so the correct way to write this is just escaping me at this point. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as this pattern occurs several times throughout this piece, and every time I go to try and read through it, I always trip up over these measures.


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Sorry for the late reply, select the notes from the bass you want shown in the treble and press ctrl+shift+up arrow and they will move to the upper staff. If the beam isn't between the notes, then double click the beam and drag the left box up to where you want it and drag the left beam to adjust the slant.

Hi all,
In the attached partition excerpt (Purcell's "Welcome To All The Pleasures") the reverse cross-staff notation is graphically indicated by a straight cross line.
While I know how to make the cross-staff note, I haven't found the way to make that line in MuS.
Does the solution exist? If yes, can somebody pls point it to me? Thanks.

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