Add keyboard shortcut: Transpose Diatonically

• Jul 14, 2019 - 20:50

As there is already an option for programming a keyboard shortcut for transpositioning up and down, it seems that there should also be available user-defined shortcuts for diatonic transposition up and down, with and without keeping degree variations.


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Thanks guys for the replies. It wasn't easily found in searching through shortcuts because it was assumed transpose was for what was being looked, when it is rather implemented under terms "diatonic pitch up/down".

As a matter of fact, that might be worth correcting, since in the Transpose dialogue the phrase Transpose Diatonically is used, whereas the shortcut uses the phrase Pitch up/down. Maybe they should be in conformity?

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Yeah, true, an n-chromatic pitch going up and down will do the trick, especially with the addition of a respell pitches command. Still, it wouldn't hurt to have the [diatonic + keeping degree alterations] function provided through a shortcut, hence the feature request.

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