Add keyboard shortcut: Transpose Diatonically

• Jul 14, 2019 - 20:50

As there is already an option for programming a keyboard shortcut for transpositioning up and down, it seems that there should also be available user-defined shortcuts for diatonic transposition up and down, with and without keeping degree variations.


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I too would like the ability to select a region of a score and, with one keystroke combination, transpose it with accidentals intact in the case of an octave transposition. It would be great if each interval transposition (augmented, diminished, minor, etc.) could have it's own keyboard shortcut. Since I write outside of keys, intervallic integrity is critical. The number of key clicks to get an octave up or down is high.


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Does CTRL+up (or down) arrow not do what you want? If not, please explain in a bit more detail what it is that you think is lacking.

Also note that it is possible with a few key strokes to transpose a selected range either by a specified interval or diatonically using [Tools]>[Transpose], or for some intervals with dedicated keyboard shortcuts, See

As there are so many possible transpositions having one single key combination per transposition would not leave many combinations for other operations.

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Hi Steve,

If I select the first three notes of a phrase, B->F#->C#, and apply the octave transposition via the menu, it comes out B->F#->C#. Perfect. If I use alt+shift+up arrow I end up with B->F->C. The accidentals have been dropped.

To change the octave of a selection requires 1) select the region, 2) Tools, 3) Transpose, 4) By Interval (up is default, down requires another click), 5) choose the interval, 6) click OK. 6 manipulations at least, 7 for down octave. Not so bad for a one or two off but they add up if you're going through a score and making many octave changes, which I do routinely.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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To change the octave of a selection requires 1) select the region, 2) CTRL+ Up arrow, as stated in the third bullet point here: (and note that it is CTRL + Up Arrow (or CMD if you are on a MAC) not ALT+ Up Arrow). If I do that with B F# C# I get B F# C# an octave higher. No need to go to [Tools]>[Transpose], but if I do, I get the same result B F# C# when transposing by a perfect octave.

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Thanks guys for the replies. It wasn't easily found in searching through shortcuts because it was assumed transpose was for what was being looked, when it is rather implemented under terms "diatonic pitch up/down".

As a matter of fact, that might be worth correcting, since in the Transpose dialogue the phrase Transpose Diatonically is used, whereas the shortcut uses the phrase Pitch up/down. Maybe they should be in conformity?

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Yeah, true, an n-chromatic pitch going up and down will do the trick, especially with the addition of a respell pitches command. Still, it wouldn't hurt to have the [diatonic + keeping degree alterations] function provided through a shortcut, hence the feature request.

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