is showing black squres whenever resizing?

• Jul 26, 2019 - 11:41

As titled with attchment, BS is showing, with surface pro4, surface book, or external monitor whenever resizing the main Window:
By design 1day?


It's a windows setting so yes it's by design. It's been years since I ran across this, so you need to google this to find a solution.

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In this case, it's normally a sign that resources (computer memory) are not sufficient to handle the operation but I find this hard to believe with it causing problems with version 3 but not 2. I'm curious if it's somehow related to version 3 being 64 bit rather than the 32 bit if version 2?

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Ok, one more idea. This might be a place where a clean installation might help. Use the system's uninstall then download and install it from scratch rather than as an update to an existing install. All of your scores will remain on your system but you can back them up if it makes you feel better.

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