Musescore lagging all of a sudden

• Oct 3, 2019 - 00:53

For the past few days, Musescore suddenly became laggy. I did not change any preferences or other stuff, but it just started to lag. Just a few minutes ago, I updated to the new Musescore 3 release. However, it still lags. Now, it's so laggy that when I click playback it won't even load. Note inputs take like 4-5 seconds each. It's starting to drive me crazy. Can anyone help me please


Could also be your score is just enormous - it would have be probably thousands of pages long for note input to take five seconds, although other operations could take than long with scores that only, say, 100 pages.

If your score is not that big, please attach it so we can investigate.

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Well, we're all using MuseScore 3 as well, and yet it's perfectly fast for us. Also, that particular score can't be loaded into MuseScore 2, so it must be a different version of the file you tried. My guess is you are simply out of RAM, since that is such a large soundfont. Have you tried unloading it and using the default instead?

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