Bar length

• Oct 28, 2019 - 05:20

How do I fix the length of a bar so it stops shrinking/expanding according to how many notes there are in the bar?


To be clear: the length in terms of number of beats is of course normally fixed, and it is in MuseScore as well unless you deliberately turn on "insert" mode to allow more beats than the time signature says.

But, all measures literally the same width on the page regardless of how many notes it takes to fill those beats - that's exceedingly rare. I've seen it in some old illegal hand-written fakebooks, and one or two publishers who attempted to copy that style, but the vast majority of printed music and the normal rules of music notation call for proportional spacing.

Please attach a copy of a score that you don't liike the look of. Is it a normal score or is it for teaching purposes? A normal score has bars the same length for each instrument in a score but different lengths from bar to bar.

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