Can You Make Rests Sound Less Choppy?

• Nov 8, 2019 - 19:40

Is there a way to make the rests in music sound less choppy? The sound just suddenly ends when there is a rest, when one actually plays music there is always residuale sound or reverb after the note has ended. Is there a way to accomplish this in Musescore?


If you're referring to a piano or even a guitar, you can put in a pedal mark that extends to the rest, this will extends it's decay to that point. If you're talking about a trumpet, the sound stops when the musician stops blowing.

I think you have to use the REVERBERATION sound effect on the SYNTHESIZER.

1) Select: "SEE" menu.

2) Select: "SYNTHESIZER" option.

3) Select: "MASTER EFFECTS" tab.

4) Select on the "A EFFECT" box (left side), and select: "ZITA1"

5) You can set the REVERBERATION sound effect you like with the ZITA controls.

Please, see the attached image to set the ZITA controls to get a typical "standard" REVERBERATION sound effect (like a typical concert stage).

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