Pallets click on name to open

• Nov 16, 2019 - 16:51

I really love the new pallets feature, however I am very used to previous versions of musescore where when you click on the name of a pallet it opens.
I now need to click on the arrow/triangle in front of the pallet name to open it.
Can this perhaps be added to the functionality?


In reply to by Howard-C

But.... having tried very hard to "unlearn" clicking on the palette name, I find that the arrowhead triangle is a very small target compared with the name. And for that reason alone, I will add my +1 to making the name clickable as well as the triangle.

In reply to by DanielR

I still mess it up too. I think the ability to navigate the palette by keyboard is crucial, so the idea of a palette being "selected" but not opened is something we can't walk away from. But I'm not convinced it would be impossible to have click both select and open, and long as cursor navigation can still separate these.

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