Linked instruments: Is it a thing?

• Dec 22, 2019 - 04:11

Hey folks,

I have a feeling this is already a thing and I simply don't know what the feature is called.

Is there a way to link instruments? For instance, you have an SATB score with an organ, brass, and strings. Can you set trumpet 1 to appear as the soprano voice for Violin 1 and the top organ voice? (ie make a change to one it changes them all)

I see you can link staves, this would be the same thing, but between instruments.



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Can you explain your use case in more detail? The main one I know is for a lead sheet where one might want versions for different instruments, but as I said, it's simple enough to copy and paste, at least in that case. Is there something about your use case that complicates this? A sample score might help us understand.

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That's exactly it. I write out a lot of hymns for the school kids to play. Today I have four in front of me. A few weeks ago I did twelve for a caroling booklet. Copy and pasting isn't hard to do, but can be time consuming; especially when making changes once the parts are patterned. It's easy to forget and leave a stray note somewhere, or forget to add an annotation.

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Greetings! I was looking for something like that as well.
I was giving an online class, shared zoom screen, and had students watching who play C, Bb, and Eb instruments. It would be great to type chords, lines, etc and each student could follow the explanation in their own key, in real time ...
Maybe in the future? :)

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