Have you ever experienced that an atonal composer talked very incoherently and incomprehensibly

• May 11, 2020 - 14:36

Whenever I try to listen to atonal music, it sound for me like a random cluster of notes. So I cannot understand why composers compose this way. Have you ever experienced that such persons talked very incoherently and incomprehensibly? I do not want to belittle those composers, but perhaps it is a proof how baneful atonal music is.


Lots of people are able to appreciate and understand atonal music just fine. Just because you don't happen to doesn't make it baneful.

And yes, I think I usually speak pretty coherently, so do the dozens of other composers of atonal music I know.

I would argue that ANY music that is composed with definite pitches--in other words, not for unpitched percussion ensemble--is "tonal." But it appears that the OP, while coherent and comprehensible, is bordering rather closely on baiting and hate-speech.

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