MuseScore 0.6.0

• 16 years ago

Today i uploaded the new MuseScore 0.6.0 release to SourceForge. This release features a mix of bugfixes and new features. New features are better MIDI import with automatic key detection and pitch spelling, and a new import data format: MuseData.

There are also some new symbols like arpeggio lines, breath markers, and text frames. Usability is enhanced with a new dock widget collecting all palettes. The symbol palette is now configurable with custom symbols imported from various graphics formats.

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MuseScore 0.5

• 17 years ago

MuseScore 0.5 released today!

  • integrated small default piano sound font for better "first use experience"
  • bracket editing with keyboard
  • nested system brackets
  • extended lyrics
  • subscript and superscript for text
  • irregular measures dialog
  • more cut&paste and drag&drop operations
  • better visual feedback for some drag&drop operations
  • the sequencer now interprets ottava and pedal lines. They are also exported to midi.
  • some line object can now span several systems (ottava, pedal, trill and hairpins)
  • as usual many fixes, enhancements and internal code cleanups
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release MuseScore: 0.4

• 17 years ago

After a long time we managed to get a new release out. Its another big step toward version 1.0. There are some new features and a lot of bug fixes and internal code cleanups. MuseScore now uses the cmake build system instead of "autotools" and the source code repository has changed from cvs to subversion.

To name a few features/enhancements:

  • configurable keyboard short cuts
  • Instrument names and text can contain musical symbols
  • added ALSA audio driver in addition to JACK
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release MuseScore: 0.2

• 18 years ago

Release 0.2 of MuseScore is a major feature release. Its based on the brand new Qt4 gui library using its features like antialiased screen drawings.

  • new elements: volta brackets, ottava lines (8va---) system brackets, pedal lines, trill lines
  • drag & drop from symbol panels
  • navigator panel
  • page layout preview
  • tabbed multiple document interface
  • Mscore now uses the unmodified project lilypond "emmentaler" font.
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release MuseScore: 0.1

• 19 years ago

After a long time of hacking the final version 0.1 of MuseScore is released. Have a look at the new demo files to get an impression of the actual program status.

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release MuseScore: 0.1.0pre2

• 20 years ago

This prerelease fixes some bugs in MuseScore and the make process. A new feature is the integration of the fluid software synthesizer which allows for playing the score (think of it as a kind of acoustic proof reading).

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release MuseScore: 0.1.0pre1

• 20 years ago

The first prerelease of MuseScore 0.1 is released. This version features a big code rework and some new features as MusicXml import/export and MIDI import and live input. The internal structures are enhanced to support more than one voice on a staff. (See new testfile "promenade.msc").

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release MuseScore: 0.0.6

• 21 years ago

New feature in this release are instrument names. You also get more editing functions for "in place" editing of strings. As usual some bugs are fixed and score layout is enhanced. Setting the page size for printing now works. Note that this release has some (stub) functions which are currently not working: sequencer integration to play score and import/export midi.

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release MuseE Score: 0.0.5

• 21 years ago

This release of MuseScore enables editing of crescendo/decrescendo symbols, simple lyrics and text objects like title, composer etc. Text properties can be edited by a new text style dialog. Printing now uses the native QT printing mechanism which has the ability to embed fonts in the postscript output so there is no need anymore to install the score fonts for printing.

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release MuseE Score: 0.0.4

• 21 years ago
  • page layout: vertical space is now automatically inserted
    between systems to fill entire page
  • staffs and systems can now be dragged vertically
  • invisible flag for drawing objects; toggle function in context
    menu (click object with right mouse button (clef...))
  • text can now be dragged
  • notesheet and background color/wallpaper are now configurable
  • page symbols: delete/undo/redo
  • note stems now have the correct len
  • function: delete clef + undo + redo
  • some layout enhancements
  • some bug fixes
  • big changes to the code base
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