Test the first alpha MuseScore version for Mac

• 11 years ago

MuseScore 0.9.4 running on MacJoachim Ganseman released the first MuseScore alpha for Mac. Quote from Joachims post on the developers mailing list:

I've compiled a first MuseScore for Mac version and put it available for download. A few very important notes however:

  • Requirements are Mac OSX 10.4 or higher, and a G4 processor or higher or an Intel processor. It is compiled as universal binary (32-bit) and tested to run on a G4 10.4 system and an Intel 10.5
  • It is
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MuseScore rebranding project

• 11 years ago

22 graphic design students checking on MuseScoreThis afternoon, the MuseScore rebranding project has been kicked off. 22 graphic design students from Hogeschool Gent have been introduced to MuseScore for the first time. The goal: create a corporate identity for MuseScore.

In a first phase, each one of them will be creating a proposal for a house style, logo and word mark. Eventually the best proposal will be selected and further elaborated in group to become the corporate identity for MuseScore.

The term of the project ends

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FOSDEM 2009 wrap up

• 11 years ago

MuseScore download chart for 2008, more than 50.000 times in totalThis past Sunday, open source developers and users all over the world gathered in Brussels for FOSDEM 2009. For the first time ever, also MuseScore developers and users came together. The meet and greet was arranged on Sunday around 14 pm, which was around the time that MuseScore was presented in a so called lightning talk.

The talk was limited to 15 minutes, just enough to pitch MuseScore to the room of around 100 people. I didn't count

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New features in MuseScore 0.9.4

• 11 years ago

MuseScore 0.9.4 is available for download at

Top new features: improvements to note selection and copy-paste, automatic scrolling during playback, more languages, improvements to drum input, MIDI keyboard support on Windows (Linux version already supported this), about 30 crashes fixed.


  • Automatic scrolling during playback
  • Increased note length during playback so that normal notes no longer sound semi-staccato
    • MIDI excerpt from [attachment:promenade-0-9-4.mid=Promenade (MuseScore 0.9.4)]
    • MIDI excerpt from [attachment:promenade-0-9-3.mid=Promenade (MuseScore 0.9.3)]
  • When playback reaches the end of the piece
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Multi-measure rests

• 11 years ago

Werner Schweer added experimental support for multi-measure rests on 20 December. Multi-measure rests are an important requirement for ensemble sheet music and a frequent feature request.

[inline:multimeasure-rests.png=Screenshot of multi-measure rests in MuseScore]

At the time of this writing the implementation is incomplete but basic support for multi-measure rests is working in revision 1384 or later. Prereleases for 0.9.4 are available for testing on Windows or Linux.

Instructions for multi-measure rests:

  1. From the menu choose StyleEdit Style
  2. Click on
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Mac OS prototype version

• 11 years ago

Update April 2nd: The first MuseScore alpha release for Mac is available for download

Update March 19th: Effort to get sound working in the Mac release. More info in this topic on the mailing list

Update March 14th: Mac release font issue fixed. Read more on the mailing list

Joachim Ganseman built a "skeleton" version of MuseScore for Mac OS on 2 December. Ganseman warns that the version is "certainly not ready for publication" but an important step towards a

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MuseScore 0.9.3 downloaded almost 10.000 times in the past month

• 11 years ago

By the end of September 2008, MuseScore version 0.9.3 was released to the public together with a brand new website. One month later, it looks like the MuseScore project has experienced it's first tipping point. It's time for some number crunching.

The SourceForge download statistics are revealing that MuseScore has been downloaded almost 10.000 times in October. Also worth mentioning, is the fact that MuseScore has been downloaded in almost 100 countries worldwide. The top 10 looks as followed:

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Announcement: Ubuntu prerelease packages available

• 11 years ago

Dear all,

I have now finalised the svn update automation system for my official
packages, and consequently Ubuntu preview packages are available. The
current revision is r1229, and it is, at the time of going to press,
only available for Ubuntu 8.10: (the main repository for) 8.04 does
not contain a recent enough version of Qt4. I am working to upload a
new Qt4 as I write.

The packages are built identically to those found in the Ubuntu and

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MuseScore 0.9.3 released

• 11 years ago

The new MuseScore release 0.9.3 is out and ready for download!

MuseScore 0.9.3 implements a new compressed file format (*.mscz), adds a lot of other new features, fixes some bugs and tries to speedup/optimize layout. The script plugin interface has now bindings to the whole qt library. New score elements are glissando and tremolo symbols between notes. Tuplet types are extended and can now contain notes and rests of different len. A detailed changelog can be found here.

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