Copy-paste on notes with slur causes a crash

• Mar 3, 2016 - 14:26
S2 - Critical

GIT commit: 4e025f6 and a6ec8aa/ Windows 7

1) "My First Score"

2) Enter a half note in the first measure, and two quarter notes with a slur in the second measure, or load this file: test file.mscz

3) Copy-paste the first measure (or only the half note) into the second measure

Result: crash

- works as expected with the 2.0.2
- notice also: if the note in the first measure is a quarter note, there is no crash: the second quarter note (second measure) is removed as expected.


Thanks for the report and analysis! Yes, I can easily believe that change might have led to a crash somewhere, as my comments in the PR suggest. The cause of the crash here is easy enough to spot, but I'm not yet sure exactly how my particular change led to that. I'll investigate and hopefully fix.

Found another situation (related probably, but not really the same, because involving Undo) who leads to a crash. Just to know if the PR above solves also this crash?

So, steps for reproduce:

1) "My First Score"
2) Enter a whole note in the first measure, four quarter notes in the second measure, and a quarter note in the third measure, or load this file: Test.mscz
3) Add a slur between the last quarter note in second measure, and the first quarter note in third measure. Like this:
start point.jpg
4) Copy-paste the first measure into the second measure (none issue for now, but)
5) Undo
Result: unexpected: the slur spans all the second measure
undo ronde.jpg
6) Select the whole note, and change the note value. Or: "N" -> enter a note in another empty measure

Result: crash

- By entering, first, a half hote instead a whole note, and by following the same steps, the result after Undo is this one (with the same crash at the step #6)
blanche undo.jpg