MuseScore SoundFont

• Apr 6, 2011 - 22:53

Thinking of the recent Goldberg project, I wondered if there had ever been consideration for creating a MuseScore-commissioned soundfont?

Samples could be professionally recorded and altered - accounting for the different sounds each instrument can emanate.


That would be phenomenal.

I think it would also cover some suggestions for a collaborative soundfont that could address voicing etc.

Of course, we drummers would love to be involved so sounds for brushes, multiple bounce rolls, and all sorts of interesting noises could find their way into the soundfont.

Right now I switch between GeneralUser GS and the default MuseScore soundfont with the drumline additions mentioned in these fora depending on whether I need the better sounds or drumline samples. A complete-enough library of percussion sounds may take a while to assemble, but it will greatly increase the ease of composing for percussion.

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Dang, that *is* promising. Downright impressive. I don't suppose the fact that Sonatina is supposedly open source would mean it would be feasible to somehow convert it to SoundFont format? I also wonder about the possibility of playing back via MIDI and somehow routing into an SFZ player, although I imagine that playback of articulations and so forth would be harder to manage than using native playback.

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