Change the highlight color for the piano notes

• Mar 14, 2016 - 08:57
S4 - Minor

There have been several requests to change the yellow color of the piano keyboard. No suggestion of better color though. This color should become a preference (but no need to expose it..., we have enough controls in preferences..)


Would it be so bad or overloaded to have a menu entry with a selection between some colours in the piano keyboard view?

Any color that would be more visible when Musescore is projected onto a screen in a lit room. I would be good with a dark lime green, red, or a teal blue.

Thanks bunches.

Jim Krupa

Most things in MuseScore that are any color are some shade of blue, including selected objects, depressed toolbar buttons, the giant numbers that appear on the Navigator, and the panel that appears at the left when in Continuous View. I think the keyboard is pretty much the only thing that doesn't match, and it does use a terrible color.