[trunk] Dot of dotted note cannot be made invisible

• Apr 19, 2011 - 01:51
S4 - Minor

Setup: trunk rev. 4208, Ubuntu 9.10, Qt lib 4.6.2


1) Open or create any score containing a dotted note
2) Right-click the dotted note (head) and select "Set invisible"

Result: the note head become invisible, but the dot remains visible and there is no "Set invisible" command for it.

Expected result: right-click menu for the note dot lists a "Set invisible" command to make the dot invisible too, as it happens for instance for the stem.

Note: As an additional improvement: usually when one makes a 'note' (generically intended) invisible he also want the stem, the dot and the flag (if existing) to become invisible; so making the head invisible should make invisible all the note elements; on the minority of cases when only the head is needed invisible, the user may turn the other element(s) back on individually.


Regarding the note : stem and flag are associated to the chord and making one notehead invisible does not mean you want the full chord invisible. Moreover, actions in context menu should applied to the currently selected (blue) element so it would be not user friendly to make everything invisible if it's not selected. Consequently, I would not make this modification.

lasconic: Fair enough. A small detail: even if head, stem and flag are all selected it is not possible to make them all invisible with a single command: each part has to be modified separately; this is consistent with how multiple selection works all over MS.

werner: Thanks for the quickness!