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• Apr 22, 2011 - 04:46
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Are there any plans to add a cajon staff. It is similar to drum staff or cowbell staff but has 2 lines and only 4 note positions using 3 different noteheads.


It might be already possible. You can change the number of lines of a drum staff. Choose drums 5 lines, right click on the staff -> staff properties and change the number of staff line. Then right click again on the staff -> Edit drumset and pick the right noteheads.

Adding it to the instrument list is also possible. Could you attach a sample of sheet music for cajun ?

The directions on how to change the drum staff worked great. It turns out there is a simple cajon staff suggested by Martin Rottger but a more complete one offered by Torsten Pfeffer:…

Having the following installed as instruments would be of interest: Cajon, Jembe, Kenkeni, Sangba, Dundunba. Staffs for Jembe thru Dundunba are all very similar as a single line with up to three note heads: ("normal" round for Open Tone), (X for Slap Tone, Dundun Press or Bell), and (Diamond for Bass Tone).

Jembe: X at C above line, O at B on line, Diamond at A below line
Kenkeni, Sangba, Dundunba: X is Bell at C above line, O oat A below line

Hope this is clear enough.

Would you mind testing the attach instruments.xml. Download and save it (right click on the link -> save as).
Open MuseScore, go to edit ->preferences -> General -> isntrument list and pick this file. Restart MuseScore.
Create a new score, find Jembe, Kenkeni, Sangba, Dundunba at the end of unpitch percussion.

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The instruments look fine for composing. I'm going to try to tweek the playback values to see if I can get a little more realistic sounds. Thanks for the effort so far.