Changing tied-to note's time value makes tie too short

• Apr 24, 2011 - 00:12
S4 - Minor

1. Starting on the 1st beat of a 4/4 bar, enter five 8th notes, tying the 4th and 5th notes.

2. Select the last note (the tied-to one), then change it to a half note by selecting the Half Note time value and pressing the note's letter name.

3. The tie becomes only about 1/3 its former size and no longer reaches the tied-to note.


Oops, guess I can't edit this after posting it.

To reproduce this, you may have to (a.) use the Leadsheet template; and (b.) remain at its default scaling (don't change staff size).

Hmm—I now also see that sometimes it's not necessary to type the note's letter name after selecting the new time value; sometimes the time value changes as soon as you select it. I don't know why this happens sometimes and not others.

Okay, here's exactly how I can reproduce it (I'm not sure which of the steps are actually necessary):

1. File > New... The "Create New" dialog box appears.

2. Type something in the Title text box. Leave "Create new score from template" selected, then click Next.

3. Select "Lead sheet.mscx" and click Next.

4. Select a key signature, then click Finish. A new score appears with the first rest selected.

5. Select the eighth-note time value; then, on your computer keyboard, press the B key 4 times to create 4 eighth notes.

6. Click the "Add tie" button to create a 5th eighth note tied to the 4th one.

7. Press right-arrow to move the selection to the eight rest, then press left-arrow to move the selection back to the tied-to note.

8. Select the Half Note time value, then press B. The tied-to note becomes a half note, and the tie is shortened.

Yes, that does it, but I can't make this bug happen wen using the mouse, only the keyboard. There appears to be a phantom note between the 5'th eighth and the half.

The problem is the tie itself .....once placed, the time value becomes the sum of both notes.
Never try to change part of a tied note... first remove the tie, then change the 5th note value and replace the tie.

Status (old) active needs info

The lead sheet template is still not usable, but I'm going to assume the relevant setting was the smaller-than-usual Space setting, so I tried reducing it to 1.564 in a score created from scratch just to see. Current behavior appears to be that tie is removed the moment you change the length of the second note within note entry. So I cannot reproduce the problem, and doubt it exists any more.