[trunk] transposition of courtesy accidental incorrect

• May 2, 2011 - 20:08
S4 - Minor

1. create score from scratch, instrument piano
2. enter an "E"
3. add a natural sign to the "E"
4. select, hit Transpose
5. select interval / major second, hit OK

Expect result: the E natural is transposed to F sharp
Actual result: the E natural is transposed to F natural

This also affects instrument transposition - when you toggle Concert Pitch for a transposing instrument. So if you had selected Bb trumpet as your instrument, then display it in concert pitch, then enter your E natural, toggling Concert Pitch will similarly cause the E natural to display as F natural rather than F sharp. That's how I first ran into this.


I just tried to follow the instructions in the bug report and *E natural is transposed to F sharp* and this is the expected behavior. The real issue is the lost of the natural when switching from/to concert pitch right? If it's the case, we should close this issue and open a new one, critical.

FWIW, the original bug as reported above was fixed long ago. Sorry I didn't provide the info when I reported it, but I *think* I was reporting it against a prelease of 1.1 and it was fixed before the release ever went out. Which is to say, there never an actual release in which transposition was wrong, ever - not for Concert Pitch toggle, not for Notes->Transpose.

1.0 did indeed lose courtesy accidentals on toggling Concert Pitch, but as I noted above, the note *was* rendered correctly. And by 1.1, courtesy accidentals were preserved properly on Concert Pitch toggle - except for baritone saxophone, for some reason, but this was fixed for 1.2. I can't recall if 1.1 lost courtesy accidentals on Notes->Transpose, but 1.3 definitely works correctly, and I have to assume that was true for 1.2 as well.

But of course, the branch is the branch, and the trunk is the trunk. So it certainly doesn't surprise me if the trunk still shows vestiges of these former bugs

I just tried it in 10ca5f9, and there are definitely problems. It's inconsistent, though, so I'm having trouble characterizing what the problem is. At first I couldn't get any problem to show up at all - courtesy accidentals were always preserved. But as I played with it more, suddenly. things started getting wacky. Key signatures stopped changing, courtesy accidents appeared and disappeared, etc.

Status (old) active closed

Filed a new report per lasconic's instructions:

Sorry, I didn't check whether this bug had evolved since it was first reported on the 2.0 prereleases back in 2011.

Marc, I haven't seen key signatures stop changing. See if you can save a file that reproduces the problem.