2.0.3 AppImage and Puppy Linux

• Apr 8, 2016 - 19:59

I just downloaded the Linux AppImage of MuseScore 2.0.3 and tried to use it. No way. I followed the instruction for Linux Installation that can be reached from the link on the download page, but there's something wrong (or *I* did something wrong). Is there anything I need to know and that I don't know? Maybe MuseScore AppImage and Puppy are just not compatible?


What specifically went wrong? Did you gwet any output to the terminal when you ran it? Do you get more output if you add the "-d" option?

Make sure you download the correct AppImage binary for your architecture - 32 bit versus 64 bit Intel-based, or ARM.

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I downloaded the 32 bit Intel-based version, then followed the steps suggested on this site. The "properties" dialog says that the file is now "executable", but when I click on its icon, nothing happens. Just nothing. No warnings, nor complains... nothing.

I can use MuseScore in Windows, of course, and it's ok. Having it available on my Puppy Linux usb stick could be usefult under some particular circumstances, though.

Can you try running it from the terminal? You'll need to "cd" to where you saved it first.

cd ~/Downloads  # change this line if you saved it somewhere else
./MuseScore*.AppImage  -d
./MuseScore*.AppImage  -F
./MuseScore*.AppImage  check-depends  >  dependencies.txt

Please run those commands and include the output in your reply. The final command will check to make sure that your system provides all of the dependencies the AppImage needs to run. It will save this information to a file called "dependencies.txt" in the current directory. Please upload this file with your reply by clicking the "File attachments" button under the reply box. (If any of the other commands give a very long output (more than ~20 lines) then please upload that as a .txt file too instead of pasting in the reply box.)

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well check depends seems ok...the only ones Provided by Neither are libQt5Location.so.5, libQt5QuickParticles.so.5, & libQt5WebChannel.so.5, which shouldn't be needed.

I see you are getting a Segmentation Fault when executing the mscore-portable binary.

Are you able to execute the previous MuseScore version from the puppy linux repository?

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I didn't try, as I'm interested in version 2 and the last "pet" available in Puppy's repository seems to be 1.2 or something. "Segmentation fault" has to do with an attempt to call a variable or a function from an anavailable memory address, isn't it? Does that mean that the AppImage could be corrupted?

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Well segmentation fault could do with attempt to call a variable or function from an unavailable memory address. In general segmentation faults occur when program tries to access a memory that is not in its allowed memory space.

I'm going to try to reproduce your error. What specific version of puppy linux are you using? Are you running an install or live? I take it you are on a 32-bit x86 system?

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I booted up Puppy Linux i386 Slacko 6.3.0 via qemu. On this clean live iso, I'm getting the following error when running the app image:

mscore-portable: error while loading shared libraries: libpulse.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

@shoogle, the list of "# Provided by neither: 7" is:


So I'm thinking that we need to add those first 4 libraries there (note that the the next Qt5 ones aren't really needed.

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I've not used Puppy Linux so I can't help I'm afraid, but once you've managed to install Pulse (or ALSA) then see if those missing libraries are no longer missing, because they were present on @Aldo's system according to his dependencies.txt.

@Aldo and @eric, can either of you launch with a different sound server, like this:

./MuseScore*.AppImage  -a  portaudio
./MuseScore*.AppImage  -a  alsa
./MuseScore*.AppImage  -a  jack

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@ ericfontainejazz
Puppy Precise 5.7.1, live USB stick, 32-bit x86. As far as I know, I didn't modify the original .iso in any way, just provided a live installation on a "regular" 1GB USB2 stick. Oh, just in case that could make any difference -- I'm using an Italian localization.

I have the same problem on tahrpup 6.0.5 (based on Ubuntu Trusty Tahr). I note it's been reported as a bug by someone trying on plain Ubuntu.

But, anyways, I'm just posting to say that, if you don't need Jack (for MIDI input or output), the Windows version works fine using Wine (whether the one in Puppy Package Manager or a more recent .pet file). That's what I've been using ever since version 2.0.

I do note a few issues where the menus or tooltips are black, but, for the menus, you can just move the mouse over them and they'll show up properly.

If the button icons are too big, you can adjust them in the settings.

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