Copy/paste drum notation causes crash

• May 21, 2011 - 16:45
S2 - Critical

Hi there,
I'm using musescore 1.0 build 3996 from ppa ubuntu repository.

Simple to reproduce, when I copy/paste drums notations, musescore crash. I've added a copy of my score in attachement.
So in this score, you can reproduce the bug by cpoying measure 11-12 to mesure 13-14.
1-A kind of workaround I found is to create a new instrument with drum 5 lines.
2-Then you can copy measure11-12 as you want in the new staff !

Perhaps a duplicate of those bugs :

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As you can see, measure 13 and 14 are empty, without any rest, just empty and this is the problem. It's not related to drums, nor copy paste.
Do you know how it comes these 2 measures are empty ? Can you give steps to reproduce?

The first time I create the staff, measures are normals (with whole rest symbol), For example, I create 2 measures, and copy/paste to the 2 measures following.
It works. Now I want to edit the first 2 measure, so I modify some things, and instead of modify the 2 following measures, I select my 2 first measures, then copy, and when I paste on the 2 following measures, it crashes !
So I start again musescore, it askes me if I want to restore las session, I say yes, it reloads the score before crash. At this moment, I remove content from the 2 following measures, and measures appear blank, without whole rest symbol. Is it clearer for you ? Does it help ? You need more info ?

Title Copy/paste Drums notation crash musescore Copy/paste drum notation causes crash

Are you able to reproduce in the nightly builds?

There's a corruption in the drum part which is causing this crash

Note the 2 empty bars in the drum part at bars 13 and 14

If you try to select bars 11 and 12 in that part then MuseScore selects bars 13 & 14 as well, indicating a corruption.

So should we close this??