Generating parts doesn't show the tabs at first

• Apr 25, 2016 - 05:05
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S3 - Major

nightly b3cd356, Linux

1. any score
2. generate parts

Result: No tabs; one cannot navigate to the parts.

1. save and reopen.
2. create a new score, and then go back to the score with the parts.
Now the tabs appear.


in 994090f.
Although I'm having a really hard time so spot which of the changes is the actual fix, i.e. which change is actually changing/fixing functionality rather then being mere reformatting and code cleanup?

This is my first score EVER. So thankful MuseScore is easy to use and learn quickly. Here is the only problem I've run into that I couldn't quickly resolve with the forum comments:

I added the instrument to an existing full orchestra score I created (and actually thought was finished until we decided to add Timpani this morning), but I could not add the dynamically linked chart for the part. Software would act like it was trying as the page would "glitch" but the part tab wouldn't show up. Neither of the workarounds listed above worked for me. Since I had already created my line and page breaks for all parts, I didn't want to have to redo that when creating new parts.

WORKAROUND: I was able to "New All" (File>Parts) and then delete all of the new parts created (second set in the list) except the actual new Timpani part I needed to add. I was then able to move Timpani up above the Strings/Rhythm and Choir charts. That was the workaround that worked for me. Hope this is helpful to someone else.

Have a blessed day! MuseScore 2.0 really is a fantastic software! (PS. I use a Mac.)

Hello! It's better to ask for help in the Support forum (eg, use use Help / Ask for Help, from within MuseScore). When you do, please attach the specific score you are having problems with and describe precisely what you are doing so we can try to reproduce the problem and see if there is a bug in the software or if you are not doing something correctly.

Thank you. I just submitted problem through help, but didn't include the score since I was able to solve with a workaround. (Also, I don't have permission from the composer (our pianist) to share his work - only to transcribe it from manuscript.)

OK, but if there is a bug, we'd like to know how to reproduce it so we can fix it, so if you can still reproduce the problem, please do followup. You can delete everything but a few measures or do whatever else you need to avoid sharing more than necessary.

Attached is a quick mock score with the same instruments set up in the same way as the original. (Not as many measures, though. This one has around 40 and I was working with 69. Also this one only has copy/pasted notes and one measure, while the original is a complete score.)

Created Score with all Instruments except Timpani. Finished Score. Then decided to add Timpani to instrument list, but can't add a dynamically linked part (tab) with File>Parts without workaround:

Work around in original was to "Add all" again and then delete all new except Timpani.

Later today, as we were entering Timpani notation, computer started adding several measures of random notation on its own (nothing that matched what we had done anywhere in our score) without input and messed with the horizontal spacing of rests of other instruments in the score on the same page. We were adding tremolo notation to a stemless half note at the time. This happened twice, but didn't happen again after closing and restarting.

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Adding an instrument to your score doens't automatically create a part for it. To do that, go to File / Parts, click the "New" button (not "New All") then select the instrument & give the part a name. Then hit OK. The newly added part will be at the end of the list by default (hence the last tab) but you can sue the arrow buttons to move it up in the list.

I tried it with your score and it works as it should. So unless I'm missing something, there is no bug here.

Yes, I know it isn't automatic after adding the instrument: that is why I was having to create the part, obviously.

However, unlike your experience with it working as it should, the newly added part that was created at the end of the list said "part" not "Timpani" and it does not show up as a part tab after you click ok. I also tried "New" with editing the part name to Timpani then ok. Either way, the screen jumps and there is no new tab with the Timpani part. That is why I had to find a workaround.

Yes, it says "Part" until you change it, but you also need to tell MuseScore which instruments you want included in the part. That's the step you apparently missed. Just pressing "New" creates a part with no content, which indeed woukdn't accomplish anything. You then need to check the appropriate box or boxes in the list at right.


1) File / Parts
2) Press "New"
3) Type "Timpani" into the "Part title" field at top right
4) Click the checkbox next to "Timpani" in the list of instruments below that
5) Press "OK"

Yes, until you press the "New" button. If you follow the steps I posted above precisely, it works. At least, it does with the actual file you posted, and any other score I've tried.

I noted the steps and will try it again next time. It may work for the next score, but it didn't/still isn't this time. I tried it again this morning. I do have the work around so I'm marking it done and moving on.

Thank you for trying to work through this with me, though. I'll tell you: You'll probably have at least 5 new users from colleagues that were impressed with the finished product last night - especially since they knew that I didn't know the first thing about transcribing a manuscript less than a week ago. When I asked them all to do the project for me, one actually said, "Good luck with that headache" because of their experience with other products and the tediousness of the work. I got nothing but excuses from them and found I was on my own. When I showed them the finished product and let them listen to the playback, they were greatly impressed and starting pulling out their phones to look up your website so they could download when they got home. One asked me if you have an app. I have several other colleagues who compose or arrange and I can't wait to share this treasure with them on Sunday. I found it a great and rewarding challenge to learn this new skill. I can't wait to start on the next project.

Have a blessed day!