Can't open old Overture files

• Jun 6, 2011 - 01:07
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After playing with MuseScore 1.0 for a few weeks, I tracked down my old Overture (.ove) files from my Windows days. I don't recall what version of Overture I had, file dates range from 1998-2005. I've tried a few different files, and every time after selecting the file I click Open and absolutely nothing happens - no file opens, I get no error message, nada. Attached is one of the files I tried.

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B Spread Flat Blues.ove 7.51 KB


With the latest nightly build (4338), I do get a message:

Cannot read file: /Users/mikeryan/ToMac/My Music/Songs/Originals/B Spread Flat Blues.ove error: No such file or directory

Of course, there is such a file, otherwise I couldn't have selected it:->. Anyway, I removed the space from the "My Music" directory and tried a file with no spaces in the name, same deal, so it's not the spaces...

Title Opening Overture files on Mac OS X is a no-op Can't open old Overture files

Seems to be a very old file. I opened it with Overture 4.1 and save it again. And then open the resulting file in MuseScore.
So I guess, MuseScore should display a warning if the file is too old.
(Windows, MuseScore 1.0)

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B Spread Flat Blues (2).mscz 2.05 KB

@lasconic: Thanks. That's one that I had already manually entered, was trying to import for comparison's sake. The one you converted, interestingly, did well with the melody (including the grace notes), but got the chords wrong somehow. And strangely, they're not off by a consistent interval - Bb7 became F#7, Eb7 became D7, ...

It'd be great if MuseScore could import pre-historic Overture files, but I guess I shouldn't hold my breath. Unless I submit a patch myself, but my C++ is pretty rusty:-).

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However: MuseScore's support is currently experimental and seems to support Overture / Score Writer 3 and 4 only. (straight from the handbook)
So this is rather a feature request AKA Suggestion